American Pioneers Series
By Jeannette Holland Austin

The American Pioneer Series comprizes 26 volumes of encyclopedic references to ancestors in the United States. This private collection is a valuable reference to historians and genealogists alike, as most of the data is fresh, not printed elsewhere. Resources are given; includes photos and other valuable data. These volumes are now available to members of Virginia

Buffington of Virginia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Georgia
By Jeannette Holland Austin

The Buffington and Few Families intermarried and were well-known in Pennsylvania. Joseph Buffington, the son of Richard and Phoebe Buffington, was born 1737 in Pennsylvania and died 1796 in South Carolina. After Joseph's marriage to Mary Few, a daughter of Joseph and Mary Few of Pennsylvania, they removed to Chester County, Virginia where their first child was born. Later, they settled in Spartanburg County, South Carolina on Fairforest Creek.

The Buffington and New Bibles located on South Carolina Pioneers provides more information.

Bible Records Added to South Carolina Pioneers.Net

The Leonardo Andre Collection
Bell, Lancelot
Buffington, Joseph
Collins, John
Craig, James
Culpepper, Robert
Dinkins, William
Few, Benjamin F.
Glenn, James
Gordon, Alexander Gilbert
Holland, Abraham
Jenkins, Rolley
Keating, Edward
Richardson, Matthias
Yarbrough, Gilson

Rourk-Griffin of Orangeburg
Wade, Joseph Berry
Watson, William (17 pp.)