American Pioneers Series
By Jeannette Holland Austin

The American Pioneer Series comprizes 26 volumes of encyclopedic references to ancestors in the United States. This private collection is a valuable reference to historians and genealogists alike, as most of the data is fresh, not printed elsewhere. Resources are given; includes photos and other valuable data. These volumes are now available to members of Virginia

Daniel Families in Europe and America

Early History of the Daniel and Daniels Families in Europe and America by Henry Dudley Teetor, M. A. (1920) has been added to It was discovered in the folder collection of the Georgia State Archives. As with most family histories, only a few copies are printed and then they seem to disappear from history. That is why this is a great find! The family name begins with Robert Danyell who departed from Scotland in 1685 and continues on with David Daniels (born 1699) whose descendants went to Medway, Massachusetts.

For more information on this family, see the Family Histories and Biographies at Genealogy-Books

New Additions to Georgia Pioneers

Folder Collection - Delegal (1668-1830) of Charleston, South Carolina; St. Simon's Island, Georgia; Dewberry of Monroe County 15 pp.; Dobbs of DeKalb and Newton Counties, 13 pp., photos

Georgia Wills and Estates - Troup County Wills 1818-1845 (digital images) - Names: Edward Castleberry, John C. Webb, Robert Frazier, Richard Lane, George Henry, Millington Scoggins, Elizabeth Montgomery, James S. Moon, Benjamin A. Fox, Mrs. Clara Haralson, Andrew Battle, Bennett M. Ware, Robert Freeman, William Stinson, Robert Curtis, John Greer, Mary Payne, Green Hill, ALexander Lane, David Haralson, Jane Davis, John Harper, Theophilus Flowers, Collin Rogers, Mrs. Martha Bull, Mauldon Amoss, Sarah Battle, Gabriel Moss, William Hammond, Pryor Edwards, William J. Osborn, Samuel P. Turner, Joseph M. Post, Andrew Hendon, William Hicks, Archey Whatley, Andrew Hale, Simeon R. Earley, Nicholas Lewis, Philip McKaimee, Allen Holloway, John Hill, W. Traylor, Jane Kendrick, Abner Turner, Isaac Culberson, Benjamin Ham, Bennett Posey, William Nelson, Benjamin H. Montgomery, William Moon, John Spence, Thomas W. Cox, Thomas Leveritt, Jacob Stillwell, Sherward McFarland, Henry Wideman, Nicholas Johnson, William Rigby, Henry Rogers, John Palmer, Benjamin Dunn, Robinson Hendon, Jonathan Haralson, William Ashford, Thomas Worthey, Henry Perkins, John W. Kendrick, James Rutledge, John W. David, Nancy Dingler, John Walston, Nancy Moore, Sarah Lesley, Mathew Lyle, Green R. Walker, Benjamin Rhodes, Moses Freeman, John Heard, George Wells, Peggy Bledsoe, Abel Gibson, Wilson Williams, Henry T. Chivers, Reubin R. Veal, Joseph Barron, Washington Trayler, Elizabeth Plattillo, James McCalley, Stephen Daniel, Jeremiah M. McLendon, James Cameron.

Bible Records Added to Kentucky Pioneers

Kentucky Bible Records - Bruce, Collings, Cooper, Graham, Hayden of Franklin County, Park-Richardson, Pedego of Glasgow, Redford of Glasgow, Richardson, Ropke, Steele, Wallace of Louisville Folder Collection - Dixon of Warren County

New Additions to North Carolina Pioneers

Folder Collection - Cockerham/Cochran of Anson County, 2 pp.; Coney of Edgecombe County, 5 pp. ; Dixon of Edgecombe County; Dixon of Pitt and Beaufort Counties

New Additions to South Carolina Pioneers

Abbeville County Will - Edward Collier, 3 Nov 1837 Folder Collection - Andress, William Genealogies - Chambliss of Chesterfield County; James Darby Holland of York County

New Additions to Virginia Pioneers.Net

Folder Collection - Cocke of Malvern Hills; Cole, William to Virginia 1681; Cole of Charles City County; Collyer/Collier, the American Line from Staffordshire, England; Dixon of York County; Hall, Bolling of Brunswick County