Virginia Pioneers

Tower of London

The Tower of London. Many of the first Virginia colonists came from London

Immigrants to Virginia 1607, 1618, 1619

The first settlers to Jamestown were instigated at the instance of Captain John Smith. Apparently, this group of immigrants were vagrants brought in off the street of London and includes adults, boys and girls. Vagrancy is noted and what street or parish they were found in. In some cases the church-wardens brought them in for confinement. The vagrants include adults, boys and girls. The 1619 list includes notes from Capt. John Smith, such as "died" and the occupation. The first settlements into the Virginia colony were fraught with hardship. By 1619, it appears that over half of those sent were dead. The Indian massacre did not occur until 1620 or 1621, however, the Powhatan tribe was unfriendly and the settlers had to defend themselves against attacks. This meant that they could not leave the fort during such attacks and apparently died of hardship and starvation. To see these lists, you must become a member
Sources: Minutes of the Court of Governors of Bridewell. Microfilm at Bethlem Royal Hospital, monks Orchard Road, Beckenham, Kent BR3 3BX, England. Originals at King Edward's School, Witley, Surrey, England and Records of the Virginia Company of London, ed. Susan M. Kingsbury, published for the Library of Congress, 1906-1935; Journal of the Virginia House of Burgesses.

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