Virginia Pioneers

Traced Families, Surnames A

  1. Abbott of Halifax County
  2. Adair, Ancient family from ca 1300 (video included)
  3. Adams of Halifax County
  4. Adkins
  5. Alderson of Greenbrier, Rockingham and Shenandoah Counties
  6. Alexander of Campbell County, some descendants of Robert Alexander, deputy clerk 1772 to 1782. His descendants held this office for more than 30 years; includes photos.
  7. Allen
  8. Allen of Lunenburg County
  9. Alley of Washington County
  10. Ancient Families of the British Isles (book by Jeannette Holland Austin); the whole book now on Virginia Traced back to the 11th century!
    Adair, Adare of Scotland, Ireland, South Carolina, Georgia
    Albini, de Albini, de Aubigny of Normandy and Sussex, England (video included)
    Bacon, Bacunsthorp of Norfolk, England and Virginia
    Badlesmere, de Badlesmere of Kent (video included)
    Beaumont, de Beaumont of Normandy
    Belconger, Conger of Norfolk, England, and New Jersey
    Bigod, de Bigod of Norfolk
    Bohun, de Bohun of Normandy
    Braose, de Braose, de Bras of Brittany and Sussex
    Burgh, deBurgh of Ireland
    Camp, Campe of Essex, England, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia
    Cantilupe, de Cantelu of Normandy
    Clare, de Clare of Normandy, Ireland, Wales
    Cobb, Cobbs of Romney Marsh, Kent, England; Virginia, Georgia
    Columbers, Columbiers, de Columbers of Calvados, Bayeaux, Normandy
    Dutton, de Dutton of Cheshire, Lancashire
    Despencer, de le Spencer of Normandy and Worcestershire, England
    FitzAlan of Shropshire
    Hastings, de Hastings of Norfolk
    Haydock, Haydocke of Lancashire
    Honywood, Honeywood of Kent
    Holande, Holand of Lancashire and Kent
    Lacie, de Lavie, de Lacy, de Laci of Cheshire and Lincolnshire
    Molines, Molyneux, de Moulins, Mullenax of Sefton, Lancashire
    Montecute, de Montecute of Somerset and Oxfordshire
    Morley, de Morley of Scotland and England
    Mortimer, de Mortimer of Normandy and Hereford, England
    Peachy, Peachie of Mildenhall, Suffolk
    Ros, Ross, de Roos of Yorkshire
    Someri, de Someri of Worcestershire
    Stafford, de Stafford of Staffordshire
    Swynnerton of Staffordshire
    Tilghman, Tillman of England, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia
    Touchet, de Touchet of Cheshire
    Tregoz, de Tregoz of Normandy
    Vere, de Vere of Essex
  11. Anthony
  12. Anderson. Descendants of Richard Anderson from 1635. (includes video)
  13. Anderson of Bedford and Campbell Counties, some descendants of George Anderson, from about 1742.
  14. Applewhaite of Isle of Wight
  15. Arnold of Bedford County
  16. Arthur of Bedford County
  17. Atkinson
  18. Aycock
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