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The county seat is Charlottesville. The county was named in honor of Willem Anne van Keppel, 2nd Earl of Albemarle and titular Governor of Virginia at the time. In 1761 the county was divided to form Buckingham and Amherst counties. The county seat was en removed from the formerly-central Scottsville to Charlottesville.


MonticelloMonticello was the beloved home of Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence and founder of the University of Virginia. Jefferson spent sixty years planning this home to suit his needs. It is situated atop a mountain overlooking a spectacular view of the University. Vegetable and flower gardens were strategically planted along the hillside, and the Jefferson cemetery is located halfway up the mountain. Many of his personal inventions are displayed inside the home.


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Images of Albemarle County Wills, Estates, Inventories, etc. 1748 to 1752

Testators: Abney, Abner;Allen, William Hunt; Arrington, William;Baber, Robert;Ballon, William, inventory; Brock, George;Bruce, John;Burke, Charles, estate;Cannon, William, inventory;Christian, Robert;Dameron, Lazarus; Dameron, Richard;Duncan, Martin, inventory;Finley, Margaret; Franklin, Benjamin;Gains, Bernard, inventory;Gorden, John, estate;Hamilton, inventory;Hamilton, Henry, inventory; Hamner, Robert;Lifely, Mary; Lynch, Charles; Mahoney, James, inventory; Maxwell, Edward, inventory; Morrell, William; Osborne, Arthur, appraisement; Osborne, Arthur; Phelps, Thomas; Phelps, William; Reid, Andrew;Robertson, James;Rose, Robert; Shehornes, John Darby;Spurlock, William;Sublet, James; Tuley, John;Webb, Wentworth, inventory and Williamson, James, inventory.

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Images of Albemarle County Wills, Estates, Inventories, etc. 1752 to 1785

Names of Testators are not provided due to space.

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Burnley Buster Carr Daniel Garland Lynch

Reverend William Johnson of Albemarle

The Virginia Convention The name of Reverend William Johnson of Albemarle County was listed among the signers of a petition to the Virginia Convention. The first Virginia Conventions were a series of five self-governing political meetings administering the legislative, executive, and judicial functions of government. The House of Burgesses had been dissolved in 1774 by the Royal Governor of Virginia, Lord Dunmore. Thus, the conventions served as a revolutionary provisional government until the Fifth Virginia Convention established a republic for the Commonwealth of Virginia (Constitution of May 1776). Later, in Bedford County Johnson appeared in Court on April 22, 1782, and proved that he had furnished the Convention with 396 PDS. of beef for which he was allowed 10 PDS. 5 shs. After the war, he went to Tennessee where he died.

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Rev. William Johnson