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Brunswick People Came from Different Parts of Virginia

In 1739, one of the largest landowners in the region, William Lucas, owned a plantation near the North Carolina line, 250 acres being the south side of the Meherrin River and 400 acres; also 100 acres on Little Creek. It appears that settlers to Brunswick County had families in Greensville County, Virginnia and other parts. Upon the death of George Brewer in 1744, he owned a plantation on both sides of the Roanoke River, 250 acres. Due to the proximity to North Carolina, the genealogist should also research Warren, Northampton and Halifax Counties in North Carolina. To better clarify the movements of families, it is best to review the deeds and tax digests, comparing them with the probate records of Brunswick and other counties. List of Traced Virginia Families on this website Immigrant Records on this site

"Bean porridge hot, bean porridge cold; bean porridge in the pot; nine days old."

fireside In old colonial times loaves of bread were made of mixed Indian meal and rye, not unlike the brown bread of our time. Baked pumpkin with milk was a favorite dish. Bean porridge was always a common article of food, which was made by boiling beans with the liquor in which corned beef had been cooked. It was very convenient for wood-choppers in winter to carry a frozen piece of porridge in their pockets and thaw it out for dinner in the woods. The longer it was kept, the better it tasted. Hence the common rhyme, "Bean porridge hot, bean porridge cold; bean porridge in the pot; nine days old." The cupboard or dresser had pewter plates, platters, and porringers. Square wooden plates were often used; but with some poorer families there was one common dish used, from which the whole family helped themselves with their fingers. The use of forks was unknown. Instead, thick and pewter spoons were used as eating utensils. These were easily broken, and they often had to be melted and formed again into moulds by men who traveled from house to house for this purpose. In fact shoemakers, tailors, dressmakers, butchers, and other highly useful artisans traveled about from one family to another in pursuit of work.

Brunswick County, Virginia

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How Church Processioning Lines Help Define Old Homes and Plantations

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In order to avoid resurveying, the 1662 Virginia Assembly passed an Act to resolve boundary disputes. The Act required that landowners "goe in procession" once every four years. This process required people to walk and renew the property lines between themselves and their neighbors. And parish vestries also walked the lines of its boundaries. The results are usually found in the parish registers. When the records of Nansemond County were lost, I used surviving tax digests and procession lines of the parish to confirm where my ancestors resided. However, simply reading the processioning does not help. A visit to the actual site is so clarifying! The reason is, old fields, pastures, fences, markings on old trees, barns, silos, fallen-down houses, ante-bellum homes, the curvature of the road all represent a picture of the past. Just like today, when are homes are defined by individual driveways and landscaping, the shape of the landscapes of yesterday yet remains. Once one parcel is identified, one can follow property lines by using the land patents, tax digests and parish processioning records!

The Importance of Researching Records of the Chancery Court

Chancery Court

George Walton was the son of Lord Walton of England and was in Brunswick County as early as 1732. He was appointed the King's Justice at the first Court held in Brunswick County; High Sheriff in 1734 and took the oath of Judge of the Chancery Court in 1746. He also served in the Virginia Colonial Militia of 1748. Genealogists should understand the functions of the Chancery Court. It was a court of equity in England and Wales which handled social claims of the common law and helped to dispatch instances which might have been handled with much delay by higher courts. The rules were not as harsh and the purpose was to restore equity to its citizens having jurisdiction over all matters of equity, including trusts, land law, the administration of the estates of lunatics and the guardianship of infants. The role of the chancellor was for the justice to be the keeper of the King's justice. The American Chancery Courts were basically the same, more like a Superior Court. For genealogists, it is a very important source of personal information concerning the residents of certain counties or districts.

Finding Old Virginia Records

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The best place to search through the old court house books for Virginia is to do so at the Virginia State Library in Richmond. The old method of each court house making its oldest records available to visitors, has changed. I have found that it is a waste of time and the reason is because the old books were sent to Richmond! About twenty years or more, I visited the Suffolk Court House and asked for the (formerly) Nansemond County records. They did not know what I was talking about. Virginia is a Commonwealth divided into three main branches, viz: the executive, legislative and judiciary. Within those branches there are over 100 state agencies and offices. Certain old counties have been made into independent cities, such as Suffolk. The records of the Library of Virginia makes the distinction between City and County Records. Thus, a city might include a landscape of several old counties. One must use old maps as help in zeroing in on the old home place and knowing where the records are stored. Virginia Pioneers has digitized a vast number of old wills and estates, including those dating from the 17th century which were restored.

Origins of Virginians

Brunswick County Marker

Brunswick County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Marriages

Brunswick Court House Brunswick County was created in 1720 and was named after the House of Brunswick which had assumed the throne of England in 1714. The first settlement was Fort Christanna and the county seat today is Lawrenceville, Virginia. Some of the earliest settlers were Joseph Dunman, James Lunday, William Lucas, Francis Parham, Charles Ross, Richard Massey and Matthew Marshall.

Brunswick County Wills, Estates, Marriages available to members of Virginia Pioneers


  • Marriages 1750 to 1861

Indexes to Probate Records

  • Index to Wills and Debentures, 1739-1750
  • Index to Wills, Inventories, Accounts, 1751-1769
  • Index to Wills, 1783-1785

Miscellaneous Wills, Estates

  • Adams, William, orphans of, Order Book 12
  • Allen, Anne, LWT (unrecorded)
  • Brumbelow, Francis, LWT
  • Hicks, James, Order Book 12
  • Hurst, Judith, Order Book 12
  • Johnson, William, Order Book 12
  • Jones, William, Order Book 12
  • Leftwich, Thomas (1784)
  • Love, Hugh (1780)
  • Martin, William, Order Book 12
  • McFarlane, Benjamin (1784)
  • Miller, John Michael (1784)
  • Mize, Edith, Order Book 12
  • Moon, Jacob (1784)
  • Moore, William vs. John Ingram, Order Book 12
  • Parker, Thomas (1784)
  • Parten, Lucy, LWT
  • Patey, Salley, bastard children of (1784)
  • Ray, Benjamin, son of Edith Mize, Order Book 12
  • Thompson, Frederick, orphan of Joanna Thompson, Order Book 12
  • Trigg, William and John (1784)
  • Turner to Turner, Gift Deed
  • Vinson, Thomas, Order Book 12
  • Walker, Amos, William and Joseph, sons of Rebecca, Order Book 12

Images of Orphans Estates

  • 1740 to 1781
  • 1828 to 1843
  • 1843 to 1853

Digital Images of Wills, 1739 to 1750

Testators: George Brewer; John Brockwell; Abraham Burton; John Chapman; John Clemons; John Cooke; Edmund Denton; Joseph Denman; Graves Eaves; Newman Harper; Francis Harris; Elizabeth Hicks (2); Robert Hicks; Robert Hill; John Huggins; William Huggiins; John Humphris; Ambrose Jackson; John Jackson; Ralph Jackson; William Jackson; Sampson Lanier; Thomas Lanier; William Lucas (3); James Lunday; Mary Maclin; Matthew Marshall; Richard Massey; John Mitchell; John Nipper; Francis Parham; Charles Ross; Bartholomew Rovardes; Thomas Stroud; Edward Tatum; James Turner; Richard Wood; Abraham Phenix; Abrauahm Vaughan; B urrell Brown; David Cummins;Eleanor DeLoach; Frances Wyche; Joseph Park; Miachel Wall; Richard Ransom; Richard Smith; Richard Vaughan; Robert Christie; Robert Cooke; Sarah Clanton and William DeLoach.

  • Digital Images of Wills 1751-1761
  • Testators: Adams, William; Balley, Waters; Bennit, James;Bettle, John;Betty, John;Brewer, George; Brook, John;Cassell, Thomas;Clack, James;Clack, Sterling; Clarke, Nathaniel;Clarke, Samuel;Collier, William;Collins, Thomas;Craft, Thomas;Croker, John;Davis, John;Denton, Edward; Denton, Sarah;Denton, William;Dickerson, Metcalf;Elzey, John; Evans, Charles;Evans, Elizabeth;Evans, John; Farrington, John; Hammond, William;Harwell, Thomas;Hayes, Charles;Hensley, Joseph; Hicks, James;Hynds, Robert; Ingram, John; Jackson, Daniel; Jackson, Thomas Sr.;Johnson, William;Jordan, James;King, Charles Sr.;Leashley, William;Ledbetter, Henry;Lee, William;Lightfoot, John;Lipsey, William;Lucas, David;Mabry, Hinchia Jr.;Maclin, William;McKnight, William;Mitchell, Thomas;Moore, John; Nipper, Anne;Parrish, James;Powell, Thomas;Powell, William; Procter, Robert;Randall, John;Scoggan, William;Smith, Ambrus; Snapsing, Joseph;Stuart, Charles;Thomas, Thomas;Tomlinson, William;Tooke, John;Wall, John;Wall, John (2);Wallace, Susanna; Ward, John;Whittington, Mary;Whittington, William; Williams, Thomas; Wyche, Peter; Wyse, William

    Digital Images of Wills, 1764-1769

    Testators: Baker, Robert;Blayton, Elizabeth;Britt, Henry;Bruce, James; Cato, Burwell;Denton, Elizabeth;Dowsing, William;Durham, George; Ezell, William;Francis, William;Gordon, Charles;Gordon, John; Harwell, John;Howard, John;Jones, Charles; Lambert, Hugh; Lindsey, William;Maclin, James;Nevison, John;Oliver, John; Oliver, Lucy;Peterson, John;Seabon, Liswell;Seward, Benjamin; Short, William Sr.;Simmons, Henry;Simmons, Peter; Smith, Christopher; Spicer, James;Stewart, James;Upchurch, James; Walker, Freeman;Walton, George;Williamson, Exum; Willis, John; Willis, Mildred.

    Digital Images of Wills, 1783-1785

    Testators: Charles Oldham, Edward Taylor, Henry Chambles, James Fisher, James Hobbs, James Howeston, James Upchurch, John Dobbins, Joseph Hambleton, Joseph Wilks, Lewis Charles, Moses Inagram, Richard Ramsey, William Holloday.

    Images of Brunswick County Wills, Inventories, Estates 1795 to 1804

    Abernathy, Charles; Abernathy, James;Adams, Edmund;Adams, Elizabeth;Andrews, William Jr.;Avery, George;Bailey, Robert; Banks, James;Barker, Lucy;Baugh, Joseph;Beatty, Thomas;Bennitt, John;Birdsong, William;Black, Robert;Boswell, William; Brewer, Jesse;Birchett, Edward;Black, Benjamin;Bracey, Samuel; Bracey, Thomas;Browder, Joseph;Brown, Beverly;Cannon, John; Carpenter, William;Chambless, James; Clary, Harwood; Collier, William; Cook, Frederick; Croft, Thomas; Curtis, Charles; Curtis, Tarpley;Dance, Thomas; Davis, Lewis; Duggar, John; Edmunds, Gray;Edmunds, John Flood;Edmunds, Nicholas;Edmunds, Sterling;Edwards, Gray;Edwards, John;Elders, Jeremiah; Eldridge, Aristotle;Field, Theophilus;Firth, Sarah;Finch, Tabitha;Finch, William;Firth, Thomas;Fisher, James;Floyd, Charles;Floyd, Zachariah;Gee, William;Gholson, John;Goodrich, Mary;Grain, William;Green, Francis;Green, John;Green, Peter; Green, Thomas;Green, William;Griffith, John;Gunn, William; Hames, William;Harmon, George;Harrison, Benjamin; Harrison, Benjamin(2);Harrison, James;Harrison, Nathaniel;Harrison, Polly; Harrison, Theophilus;Harrison, Thomas;Harrison, William; Haskins, Benjamin;Haskins, Christopher;Haskins, John; Heartwell, Israel;Hightower, Gregory;Hightower, Rawleigh; Hill, William;House, Isham;House, Jordan;House, Phillip; Howerton, James;Howerton, Thomas;Huff, Daniel;Huskey, William; Ingram, Benjamin;Jackson,Benjamin;Jackson, Henry;Jackson, Mark; James, Cary;James, Wilmoth;Jones, Benjamin;Jones, Charles B.; Jones, Jesse;Jones, Thomas;Jordan, James;Justice, James;Lanier, John;Lanier, William;Lashley, Howell;Latimer, John;Ledbetter, Henry; Lewis, Zebulon;Lundie, Thomas;Mabry, H.;Manning, Joel; Martin, John;Martin, Thomas;Mason, Christopher;Mason, David; Mason, Sarah;Mattox, Ralph;McKinny, John;McKinney, Thomas; Meade, Andrew;Mitchell, John;Mitchell, William;Moore, Drury; Moore, Macarina;Moore, Thomas;Moore, William;Morrison, Benjamin; Morrison, Mercer;Moseley, Benjamin;Moseley, Thomas;Moseley, William;Moss, David;Myrick, Owen;Nanny, Amos;Parham, James; Parham, William;Pearson, John;Peebles, Britain;Pentecost, Francis;Penticost, Scarbrough; Peppers, Nathan; Person, Thomas; Phenix, Drury; Phillips, Elizabeth; Pilkinton, Agnes; Pilkinton, Richard; Pilkinton, Willis; Potts, Jesse; Powell, John; Preston, Thomas; Pritchett, William; Quarles, James; Quarles, Moses; Rains, Nathaniel; Rainey, Susanna; Riddle, Elizabeth; Read, Harman; Read, James; Rivers, Thomas; Roberts, William; Robinson, Edward; Robinson, Silvey; Rose, John; Ross, D.; Ross, Duncan; Sadler, Thomas; Samford, Joseph; Samford, William Keen; Saunders, Ann; Saunders, Thomas; Scarbrough, Hubbard; Scarbrough, Lewis; Shell, John; Sells, Gray; Sills, Isham; Simmons, Henry; Simmons, Lucy; Simmons, Mary; Simmons, Thomas; Simms, John; Smith, Benjamin; Smith, James; Smith, Jesse; Smith, Richard; Stainback, George; Steagall, George; Stith, Buckner; Stith, Drury; Stith, Thomas; Sturdivant, Sarah; Swanson, Joice; Swanson, Joyce; Tarpley, Charles; Tarpley, Henry; Tarpley, Hosea; Tatum, Paul; Taylor, Jesse; Telly, Michael; Thomas, James; Thomas, Tabitha; Thomas, Thomas B.; Thweatt, John; Trotter, Isham; Tucker, James; Turner, Jesse; Upchurch, Michael; Vaughan, William; Walker, George; Walpole, Thomas; Walton, John; Warwick, William; Watson, John; Westmoreland, Robert; Wheeler, Benjamin; White, Daniel; White, George; Williams, John; Williams, Sterling; Williams, Thomas;

    Digital Images of Brunswick County Wills 1804 to 1812

    Adams, Elizabeth; Allwy, Miles; Atherson, William; Bailey, John; Barnes, William; Baugh, William; Beatty, John; Biggs, William; Birchett, Edward; Birchet, Henry; Bishop, Harmon; Bishop, Herman; Bishop, Matthew; Bivens, William; Brewer, Henry; Briggs, Elizabeth; Briggs, Ruth; Brittain, Benjamin; Brown, Beverly; Brown, Lewis; Brown, Sarah; Burge, Nathan; Clack, Richard; Clayton, John; Cook, Joseph; Cordle, William; Curtis, Tarpley; Daniel, Thomas; Delbridge, Edward; Dixon, Kennon; Duggar, Henry; Duggar, John; Easter, John; Edmunds, Charles; Edmunds, Erwin; Edmunds, Gary; Edwards, Benjamin; Edwards, Gray; Edwards, Jesse; Edwards, Nathaniel; Eldridge, Aristotle; Ezell, Ann; Finch, Henry; Finch, Mary; Finch, Sarah; Finch, Tabitha; Fletcher, Owen; Foster, Ransom; Gholson, Thomas; Grains, William; Harper, Thomas; Harris, Benjamin; Harris, Howell; Harrison, Carter; Harrison, Daniel; Harrison, James; Harrison, Nathaniel; Harrison, Thomas; Hartwell, Elizabeth; Hartwell, Paul; Hicks, Robert; House, Phillip; Hudson, William; Ingram, Barthlomew; Ingram, Benjamin; Ingram, Thomas; Jackson, Matthew; Johnson, John; Johnson, William; Jones, Mary; Jones, Mordecai; Jones, Stephen; Jordan, Abigail; Jordan, Thomas; Judd, John; Kelly, Moses; Kelly, Samuel; Lightfoot, John; Lundie, Alexander; Mabry, H.; Maclin, Ann; Maclin, Henry; Maddox, Ralph; Malone, George; Manson, Thomas; Marly, William; Martin, Fred; Mason, Joseph; Merideth, William; Michaels, James; Mitchell, William; Moore, Laurel; Moore, William; Morris, Sarah; Moseley, Samuel; Nanny, John; Ogburn, James; Overby, Littleberry; Owen, Francis; Parham, Lewis; Parham, Mary; Paul, John; Pearson, John; Penn, P.; Pennington, William; Phillips, William; Phipps, Joseph; Pinkinton, Mary; Pilkinton, Willis; Pucket, Jesse; Rainey, Francis; Rainey, Samuel; Randolph, Rhoda; Rawlins, John; Read, Harmon; Rhodes, Randolph; Robinson, Edward; Robinson, Peter; Rogers, James; Saunders, Thomas; Scarbrough, William; Shelton, William; Short, Thomas; Simms, Elizabeth; Smith, Arthur; Smith, Benjamin; Smith, Thomas; Stith, David; Stith, John; Stith, Susanna; Sturdivant, John; Sturdivant, Susanna; Tally, Joel; Taylor, Jesse; Thweatt, John; Thweatt, Mary; Tillman, Millicent; Tilman, Roger; Timms, John; Trotter, George; Tucker, Sterling; Vaughan, James; Vaughan, William; Walker, William; Walpole, Elizabeth; Walpole, Sally; Walpole, William; Walton, George; Walton, Thomas; Warwick Nancy; Watson, William; Whealors, Benjamin; Williams, Lazarus; Wilson, John; Wright, John W.; Wyche, Peter; Wynn, Mary

    Traced genealogies and family histories of Brunswick County available to Members !

    Bagwell Duke Edwards Leftwich