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Digital Images of Dinwiddie County Wills 1758-1799

---Fragments of the only surviving wills---
Testators: Brewer, John;Brown, Noah;Cardwell, Jane; Davis, Edward;Jackson, Joseph;Poythress, Francis;Poythress, Mary;Poythress, Mary (2);Ravenscroft, Robert;Skipwith, Tulwar; Williams, Rachel;Wills, Amey

Digital Images of Dinwiddie Wills 1801-1869

---Surviving records---
Testators: Allgood, John;Bass, Elizabeth;Coleman, Robert;Cryers, Elizabeth; Coupland, Mary;Crowder, Nelson;Grant, John;Hardaway, Frances; Hargrove, J. E.;Ledbetter, Suzanne;Lewis, William;Meriwether, Francis;Perkins, Elizabeth;Perkins, Lewis;Pool, Mary;Poythress, P. H.;Reese, William;Scott, Rebecca;Stewart, Thomas;Stewart, Thomas(2);Thomas, Anna;Valentine, Howard;Vaughan, Philip;Wells,William;Wills, Martha


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The Founding of Petersburg, Virginia

Petersburg Petersburg was founded on the south bank of the Appomattox River ca 1638 where English settlers patented land to homestead. Later, during 1646, Fort Henry was erected near the Falls of the river by Colonel Abraham Wood. The reason was to protect citizens from Indian attacks and to later explore western territory as far as the Appalachian Mountains. As history records it, Colonel Wood had a son-in-law, Peter Jones, who commanded the fort and traded with Indians. In 1733, Colonel William Byrd II founded Richmond and also planned for a city at Peter's Point, which was renamed Petersburgh. During the 18th and 19th centuries, the port of Petersburg was renowned as a commercial center for processing cotton, tobacco and metal, then shipping products out of the region.

Names of Families in Dinwiddie County Genealogy, Wills, Estates

Petersburg, Virginia Dinwiddie County was formed May 1, 1752 from Prince George County, Virginia and is named after Robert Dinwiddie, the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia from 1751 to 1758. Revolutionary War battles were fought in and around Petersburg.

The Substance of our Roots

colonial times Soon or later, after we become adults, we have questions about our roots. The beginning of "me." DNA has opened some doors for us. However, the samplings are made among "living persons" and the conclusions are mostly regional. To date, this science is imperfect for finding the ancestors. We still must comb the records, search and compare facts, evaluate the histories, and prepare family group sheets to keep tract of it. Join Yesterday Magazine for genealogy tips