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    Adams, John Nelson | Allen, John | Allen, Phillip | Allen, William | Allin, Elenor | Armistead, Anthony | Armistead, Booth | Armistead, Catharine Armistead, Edward | Armistead, Elizabeth | Armistead, James Bray | Armistead, John | Armistead, Martha | Armistead, Moseley | Armistead, Robert | Armistead, Robert Sr. | Armistead, Samuel | Armistead, Starkey | Armistead, Wallace | Armistead, Westwood | Armistead, Westwood, Capt. | Armistead, Williams | Armistead, William | Avera, Charles | Avera, Hannah | Badget, William | Bagley, Sarah | | Baines, Henry Baker, James | Baker, John | Baker, Sarah | Ballard, Edward | Ballard, Francis | Ballard, James | Ballard, William | Baner, Richard | Banister, Joseph | Banks, John | Barber, Gray | Barron, Samuel | Bayley, Charles | Bayley, John Wallace | Bayley, Judith | Bayley, Nicholas | Bayley, Sarah | | Bayley, Thomas | Baylis, William | Bedingfield, Nathaniel | Belfont, Mary Jemima | Bell, Nathaniel Bennett, John | Berry, James | Betts, Thomas | Birdie, Elizabeth | Boorswell, Adam | Bows, John | Bowtack, Adam | Bright, Francis | Bright, Robert | Bright, Samuel | Brodie, Elizabeth | Brodie, John | Brodus, John | Brough, Mary | Brough, Robert | Brown, James | Brown, Mary | Brown, Sophie | Brown, William | Bryan, Benjamin | Bryant, Richard | Buckeloo, Catharine Van | Buthal, John | Carter, William | Cary, Miles | Casy, William | Chrisman, Mount Edward | Cole, Charles | Cook, Pennell | Cooper, John | Copeland, Mary | Copeland, William | Cornelius, James | Cotton, Job | Couper, Philip | Cowper, Anne | Creeke, William | Cross, John | Cross, Robert | Cunningham, James | Cunningham, Nathaniel | Cunningham, William | Curle, Andrew | Curle, Wilson | Curls, Samuel | Dames, John | Davison, David | Daws, John | Dembre, John | Dens, John | Dent, Laurence | Depenis, Anthony Benjamin | Dixon, Thomas | Elliott, Robert | Farr, William | Faulkner, Elizabeth | Field, John | Finnis, Joanna | Fraser, William | Gilbert, James | Goddin, William | Good, William | Goodson, Martin | Hall, Mark | Halliday, Edward | Ham, Benjamin | Hamilton, Alexander | Hanker, Mary Ann | Harris, Sarah | Need | Harvey, Jane | Haskins, James | Hawkins, Anthony Hawkins, John | Hawkins, Richard | Hawkins, William | Henden, Judy | Henderson, Arthur | Herbert, John | Herbert, Judith Herbert, Rosea Tyler | Heron, Thomas Sr. | Holland, John | Holland, William M. | Howard, John | Hunt, Phebe | Hunt, William | Hurst, Edward | Jegritts, Joseph | Jenkins, John | Jenings, Charles | Jenings, Thomas | Jones, Anna | Jones, Harris | Jones, Ledia | Jones, Samuel | Jones, Sarah | Kerby, Thomas | King, Charles | King, Henry | King, John Curle | King, Mary | King, Michael | King, Rebecca | King, Susanna | King, Thomas | Langston, William | Latimer, Ann | Latimer, Edward | Latimer, J. | Latimer, Mary | Latimer, Sarah | Latimer, William | Latman, George | Lawson, Barbara | Lewis, John | Lewis, Thomas | Lewis, William | Lowry, John | Mallory, Deana | Mallory, Edward | Mallory, Frances | Mallory, Mary | Maney, William | Manon, Peter | Manor, John | Marshall, William | Massenberg, Robert | McClung, William | McCrees, Matthew | McNamara, Florence | Meredith, Joseph | Meredith, Mary | Mingham, Anne | Mingham, Thomas | Minion, Francis | Minson, Banster | Minson, William | Mitchell, Ross | Mitchell, William | Mixon, George | Moore, Augustine | Moore, John | Moore, Merritt | More, Augustine Morison, Jean | Moore, Anne | Moore, Ann | Morches, William | Morris, Christopher | Morris, Sheppard Mossenburger, John | Nardham, Joseph | Nelson, John | Nilson, Hannah | Paflour, Charles | Page, John | Parish, Ann | Parish, Mary | Parsons, Jane | Parsons, John | Parsons, William | Peine, Elizabeth | Pence, William | Penne, Penuel | Pilats, William Allen | Pool, Francis | Poole, Alexander | Poole, Midelton | Poole, Samuel | Powell, Mary | Proby, Bartrand | Raylor, James | Reada, John | Reist, Thomas | Renal, Mary | Riddlehurst, Francis | Riddlehurst, James | Robertson, Henry Robertson, John | Robins, Nashney | Robinson, John | Robinson, Judith | Roe, Ann | Roe, Jane | Rogers, Thomasine | Rollin, Simon | Rombough, John Henry | Ross, Elizabeth | Ross, John | Ross, Johnson | Ross, Martha | Routon, Richard | Rudd, Edward | Russell, Sandefer | Sanders, Elizabeth | Sanders, Judy | Sandifer, Mathew | Sandifer, Peter | Sandifer, Robert | Sandifer, William | Sands, Penuel | Saunders, James | Selby, Edward | Selden, Mary | Selden, William | Sharpless, C. | Shaw, Chasten | Sheppard, Jean | Sheppard, John | Sherley, Richard | Silverthon, Thomas | Sisser, John | Skinner, Anne | Skinner, John | Skinner, Samuel | Skinner, Thomas | Smelt, Robert | Smith, Fanny | Smith, John | Smith, Mary | Smith, William | Solders, Rebecca | Sonels, Joseph | Stokes, Frazer | Stores, John | Sweny, Jane | Sweny, Martha | Sweny, Merritt | Tabb, John, Colonel | Tabb, John | Tabb, Johnson | Tabb, Mary | Table, Mary | Tarrant, Caesar | Tarrant, Carter Tarrant, Elizabeth | Tarrant, Mary | Thomas, George | Thompson, William | Thurmer, James | Tompkins, James | Tucker, Anthony Tucker, Robert | Tucker, Rosea | Wager, William | Wallace, Ann | Wallace, Deanna | Wallace, Martha | Wallace, Robert | Wallace, William C. | Watts, Jean | Watts, Samuel | Watts, Thomas | Webster, Thomas | Wellings, Elizabeth | Weshoon, Merrit | Westbrook, William | Weymore, John | Weymouth, John | Weymouth, Rebecca | Weymouth, William | Wheeler, Robert | Whitaker, Nathan | White, Isaac | White, John | Whiting, Easter | Williams, John | Williams, Mather | Willis, Robert | Wilson, Ann | Wilson, Hezekiah | Wilson, John | Wilson, Mary | Withington, Richard | Wood, John | Wood, Mary | Wray, George | Wray, Jacob Wythe, Thomas | Yancey, Achiles | Yancey, Nathan Yeo, George | Young, Gerard
  • The Story of the "Dasher"

    Adventure Gallery

    The story of the loss in Lynhaven Bay of the galley ship Dasher and the the capture of the officers and the crew was given by the oath of Captain Willis Wilson to Samuel Thorogood. The Captain and and his men were confined in the Provost Jail at Portsmouth, Virginia, and after his release he made public the secrets of that Prison House, by the following deposition, which is copied from the original document. "The deposition of Willis Wilson, being first sworn deposes and sayeth: That about the 23rd July last the deponent was taken a prisoner of war; was conducted to Portsmouth (Virginia) after having been plundered of all his clothing, etc., and there lodged with about 190 other prisoners, in the Provost. This deponent during twenty odd days was a spectator to the most savage cruelty with which the unhappy prisoners were treated by the English. The deponent has every reason to believe there was a premeditated scheme to infect all the prisoners who had not been infected with the smallpox. There were upwards of 100 prisoners who never had the disorder, notwithstanding which negroes, with the infection upon them, were lodged under the same roof of the Provost. Others were sent in to attend upon the prisoners, with the scabs of that disorder upon them.

    " Some of the prisoners soon caught the disorder, others were down with the flux, and some from fevers. From such a complication of disorders twas thought expedient to petition General O. Hara who was then commanding officer, for a removal of the sick, or those who were not, as yet, infected with the smallpox. Accordingly a petition was sent by Dr. Smith who shortly returned with a verbal answer, as he said, from the General. He said the General desired him to inform the prisoners that the law of nations was annihilated, that he had nothing then to bind them but bolts and bars, and they were to continue where they were, but that they were free agents to inoculate if they chose.

    "About thirty agreed with the same Smith to inoculate them at a guinea a man; he performed the operation, received his guinea from many, and then left them to shift for themselves, though he had agreed to attend them through the disorder. Many of them, as well as those who took it in the natural way, died. Colonel Gee, with many respectable characters, fell victims to the unrelenting cruelty of O. Hara, who would admit of no discrimination between the officers, privates, Negroes, and felons; but promiscuously confined the whole in one house. They also suffered often from want of water, and such as they got was very muddy and unfit to drink." "Willis Wilson." Source: American Prisoners of the Revolution by Danske Dandridge

    Names of Families in Elizabeth City County, Virginia Genealogy Records, Loose Eills, Estates

    Map of Elizabeth City County Elizabeth City County was created in 1634 as the Elizabeth River Shire, being one of eight shires in the Virginia Colony by the order of the King of England. The county is located in southeastern Virginia and survived from 1634 to 1952. It was subdivided in 1636 and that portion located north of the harbor of Hampton Roads became known as Elizabeth City Shire, afterwards renamed Elizabeth City County. When the Englished arrived in 1607, the area was known as Kikotan after the native Indians. The shire and county were named for Elizabeth of Bohemia, daughter of King James I, sister of Princes Henry and Charles. The county seat is Hampton, established in 1680. In 1952, Elizabeth City County merged with Hampton and is today the independent city of Hampton. The city also includes the former Town of Phoebus.

    Factoring Agents

    Genealogy Tips by Jeannette Holland Austin

    Genealogy Books by Jeannette Holland Austin A factor is an agent who transacts business for another. In colonial days there were tobacco and cotton factors. In other words, shipping tobacco to England, the West Indies or elsewhere, required an agent to sell the crops and handle the business transactions.

    George Lee, English Merchant

    Colonials In 1672, one of the factors of George Lee, an English merchant, died in Virginia. At the time he was indebted to his principal for 700 pounds sterling. His property was passed into the hands of his mother who appointed an attorney to take charge of it. The whole estate was converted into tobacco, a crop which he was about to ship to his own consignee in England. The General Court interposed with an order requiring him to transfer the entire quantity to a third person in the mother country until the justice of the claim of Lee onn the property of his deceased agent had been decided. Also, all of his account books went back to England. As was the common practice, widows had plenty of suitors owing to a shortage of females in the Virginia colony. This is how the goods of an estate went into the hands of the second husband who very often showed no scruple in dealing with them as his personal property. Such was the case of Thomas Kingston, the agent of Thomas Cowell who owned a plantation in the colony about 1636. Upon the death of Kingston, his relict became the wife of Thomas Loving who appropriated the credits and merchandise of Cowell. Cowell petitioned that Loving be required to take an inventory of the property in his possession and to give bond in a large sum to hold it without further purloining it. Sources: Records of General Court, pp. 131, 132; Letter from Governor and Council to Privy Council, British State Papers, Colonial.

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