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New Kent Court House

Captain John Smith visited this area in 1607 and since that time many Europeans began immigrating into Virginia. New Kent County once formed part of Charles River County, one of the eight shires into which the colony of Virginia was divided in 1634. It origiinally included part or all of the present day counties of King & Queen, King William, Spotsylvania and Hanover, the modern day borders of New Kent took place in 1766 through exchange of land with James City County. Actually, researchers will see the mention of "Brick House". This was the first town and this was the seat of the first government. This historical site knows its history, starting with Nathaniel Bacon who, when the Governor refused to do anything about Indians who killed settlers and looted the area, formed his famous rebellion among his neighbors. The historical genealogy of the Bacon family is traced on Virginia Pioneers and is available to members. The village of New Kent appears to have been the County seat since 1691. Most of the County's colonial records were destroyed in the burning of the clerk's office in 1787, and later records were destroyed in the burning of Richmond during the Civil War. Providence Forge was one of the earliest settlements and the site of a colonial forge that was destroyed by Banister Tarleton during the Revolutionary War. Another site, St. Peter's Church at Talleysville was established in 1678 and built-inIt was enlarged in 1740 by the addition of a tower and vestry room and in the 1760sthe building of a north wing, believed to have been torn down in 1854. Martha Dandridge Custis who lived in the White House on the Pamunkey worshiped here at the time of her marriage to George Washington. The road leading from Richmond to Williamsburg is one of the oldest roads in America.

Images of Wills 1864-1887

  • Testators: Adams John
  • Apperson, John C.
  • Atkinson, Thomas M.
  • Atkinson, William F.
  • Bailey, Nancy
  • Baker, Sarah
  • Bailey, William B.
  • Bond William
  • Bowles, Ira
  • Brawers, William B.
  • Chandler, Harman
  • Chandler, Robert
  • Christian, Ann
  • Couch, Isaac
  • Craborn, Judith
  • Crump, Anderson
  • Crump, William B.
  • Drake, Robert
  • Ellyson, Daniel
  • Elmore, James
  • Foster, Sarah
  • Fox, Susan
  • Gordon, John N.
  • Higgins, John
  • Higgins, Josiah
  • Jones, Chesley
  • Jones, Roland
  • Lester, Elizabeth
  • MacGhee, John
  • Merry, William B.
  • Moody, Phil
  • Odell, Thomas
  • Otey, Isaac
  • Parrish, Mary
  • Pervue, Alexander
  • Pearman, Thomas
  • Pollard, Caroline Nelson
  • Pollard, E. D.
  • Pollard, Jane
  • Pollard, William A.
  • Rabineau, William F.
  • Richardson, John
  • Rives, Nathaniel
  • Royster, Susan
  • Savage, Harriett
  • Sherman, Henly
  • Slater, John
  • Smith, William C.
  • Stamper, James
  • Tally, Nannie
  • Taylor, Richard B.
  • Terrell, Leigh
  • Terrell, William
  • Timberlake, Benjamin
  • Timberlake, Sally
  • Timberlake, William J.
  • Tyree, Mary
  • Vaiders, William
  • Williams, David
  • Williams, Leroy


  • Marriages to 1699
  • Consents and Licenses

Indexes to Probate Records

  • Index to Wills 1864-1887
  • Index to Wills, Inventories, Appraisements, 1880-1938

Taylor Family History

Images of Wills 1880-1891

  • Testators: Bailey, Patsey
  • Binn, Charles
  • Brackett, William
  • Brundridge, Willmette
  • Burton, Lucy
  • Carter, William J.
  • Cook, R. P.
  • Crabben, Jessie
  • Cumber, Warren
  • Dandridge, B. W.
  • Davis, John A.
  • Davis, John B.
  • Farinholt, Robert
  • Harman, Leroy
  • Harris, C. C.
  • Harris, John T.
  • Hewlett, Augustine Delaware
  • Hewlett, C. A.
  • Hicks, Bentley
  • Hicks, Clarissa
  • Higgins, Charles P.
  • Hill, C. B.
  • Hilliard, Mary Ann
  • Hubbard, Bowen
  • Johnson, Mary E.
  • Jones, Maria Louisa
  • Jones, Vernon J.
  • Lewis, Kittie
  • Mason, Sarah
  • Masters, Henry
  • Morris, Benjamin
  • Otey, Sarah
  • Parkinson, James
  • Pearsen, John
  • Semple, James
  • Slater, Edwin
  • Spearman, Thomas
  • Timberlake, Courtney
  • Timberlake, Harman
  • Timberlake, James W.
  • Tomson, Pleasant
  • Townsend, Ebenezer
  • Turner, Henry
  • Turnstall, Miles
  • Tunstall, Thomas C.
  • Walls, Robert


    • 1704 Quit Rent Rolls

    Traced genealogies and family histories of New Kent County available to Members !

    • Bacon
    • Bassett
    • Boyd
    • Bugg
    • Clopton
    • Dandridge
    • Hopkins
    • Jerdone
    • Lewis
    • Lyddall
    • Massie
    • Meaux
    • Patteson
    • Savage
    • Taliaferro
    • Tunstall
    • Tyree
    • Webb

    17th century shoes

    Sons of Nobility: Colonel George Lyddall

    Colonel George Lyddall departed Middlesex, England,and made his home in New Kent County, Virginia. He was a member of the local militia who helped prevent Indian raids and massacres. He was kin to Sir Robert Peake of London who left a considerable estate to John Lyddall of Virginia.

    Bacon Families traced back to 1500s

    Isaac Smith fought with Generals Washington, Muhlenberg, and Patrick Henry