Virginia Pioneers

Trading the Continent: The Aberdeen White Star Line

Aberdeen and Commonwealth Line One of the pioneers of trade doing business in the American Colonies was George Thompson of the Aberdeen Clipper Line. The history of this celebrated firm dates back to the year 1825, when its first representative, a clipper brig of 116 tons named the Childe Harold, was sent afloat. It may safely be said that from that hour the Aberdeen White Star Line has never looked back. From the first it earned a reputation for enterprise and good management. Amongst its fleet were numbered some of the earliest clipper ships built in the United Kingdom, ships whose records were worthy to rank with those of the celebrated Black Ball and White Star Lines; and which their maintenance andupkeep had little to learn from such aristocrats of the sea as the Blackwall frigates. Until the discovery of gold in Melbourne, Australia, the green clippers ran regularly to Sydney, but when all the world began to head for the gold region, it was only natural that some of the Aberdeen White Star ships should be put on the Melbourne run, and from that date the little flyers from Aberdeen were as well known in the bay of Hobson as Sydney Cove. All of the ships were built in the yard of Walter Hood of Aberdeen, in whose business Messrs. Thompson held a large interest, and were all designed by Walter Hood with the exception of the celebrated Thermopylae. The founder of the line, George Thompson, was joined in 1850 by his son-in-law, the late Sir William Henderson. Later on, the sons of Mr. Thompson, Stephen, George and Cornelius, all came by turns into the partnership. Notice of flyers became common in the Sydney Harbor or Bay of Hudson.

" There is a jaunty White Star Liner, and her decks are scrubbed and clean
And her tall white spars are spotless, and her hull is painted green.
Do you smell the smoky stingo? Ech! ye will ken the Gaelic lingo
Of the porridge-eating person who was shipped in Aberdeen.
The Race of the Iroquois

The Iroquois Goelet Cup Race of 1891 The wooden clippers were the transporters of wool from England,such as the Jerusalem, whose master recalled a certain race.
"Apropos of Jerusalem, I remember a most exciting race with the large American ship Iroquois. We were homeward bound from the Colonies, flying light and very crank, a not uncommon condition with a wool cargo. The Yank was first sighted on our quarter, the wind being quarterly, blowing moderately, though squally at times.

"Whilst the wind remained so the Iroquois had no chance, but when it freshened the Jerusalem heeled over to such an extent that it necessitated sail being taken in. Soon the American was ploughing along to leeward carrying her three topgallant sails and whole mainsail and going as steady as a die, whilst the Jerusalem was flying along with fore and main lower topgallants and reefed mainsail, but heeling over to such a degree that one could barely stand upright, the water roaring up through the lee scuppers, and during the squalls lipping in over the rail.

"In a short time the topgallant sails and mainsail were handed and preparations made to reef the fore topsail. By this time, however, the Iroquois had just passed the beam, when, apparently, her skipper, satisfied to have passed us, snugged his ship down to three reefed topsails and we shortly after lost sight of her in a blinding squall."

And Coates goes on to say: "To see this ship when moderately light was a great pleasure, her lines were the perfection of symmetry. In one day I remember 324 miles being got out of this ship; she was one of the first to carry double topgallant yards."
As a matter of fact, the Jerusalem was generally considered the fastest ship in the fleet next to Thermopylae. She made several very good passages from China in the 1870s under 110 days. Source: The Colonial Clippers by Basil Lubbock.

Pinnace Captured by the Turks

17th century vesselPictured is a Pinnace, a light boat to the ship. The privately funded Magazine Ships had their pitfalls. In September of 1619 the Warwick, accompanied by a pinnace, sailed for Virginia with a large cargo of clothing and other necessaries not to be procured in the Colony. The articles were for the relief and comfort of the planters, although the Company realized that a far greater profit was to be had from sending over what would pander to the vanity and the appetites of the people, such as spirits and fine apparel. This cargo was valued at 1000 pds. sterling.

In order to avoid a certain loss in exchanging the goods included in the Magazine, for tobacco at the rate of three shillings a pound (or 18 pence for lower grades), the Governor and Council were enjoined to leave Mr. Blaney (who was in charge of it), to his free discretion in disposing of the merchandise within the limits as to prices laid down by the Company for guidance. The Company admitted that its own treasury was empty, sought a profit. However, the pinnace accompanying the magazine ship was captured by the Turks and never reached Virginia, thus causing the loss of goods on board designated for the planters.

Sources: Virginia Company of London by Neill, pp. 241-245; Company's Letter Dec. 1621, Virginia Company of London, p. 268.

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American Rebels Show British Prisoners Great Humanity at the Battle of Great Bridge

Battle of Great Bridge The Battle of Great Bridge was fought on December 9th of 1775 was a decided victory by the Continental Army and militia forces led against Governor Lord Dunmore. Dunmore had recruited troops early in the war and engaged in a struggle for military supplies at Norfolk, Virginia where Dunmore had taken refuge aboard a Royal Navy vessel. He succeeded in fortifying one side of a critical river crossing south of Norfolk at Great Bridge, while Whig forces had occupied the other side. In an attempt to break up the Whig gathering, Dunmore ordered an attack across the bridge, which was decisively repulsed by William Woodford, the Whig commander. The Great Bridge was built over the southern branch of the Elizabeth River, twelve miles above Norfolk. Colonel William Woodford commanded the Virginia militia on this occasion. The Virginia militia was known to have shown the greatest humanity and tenderness towards the wounded British prisoners. Several of them ran through a hot fire to lift up and bring in some of the bleeding prisoners, whom they feared would die if not speedily assisted by the surgeon. The prisoners had been told by Lord Dunmore that the Americans would scalp them, and they cried out, "For God's sake do not murder us!" One of them who was unable to walk called out in this manner and one of the Americans answered: "Put your arm about my neck and I'll show you what I intend to do." Then taking him, with his arm over his neck, he walked slowly along, bearing him with great tenderness to the breastwork." [Pennsylvania Evening Post, January 6th, 1776]

"The scene closed with as much humanity as it had been conducted with bravery. The work of death being over, every one's attention was directed to the succor of the unhappy sufferers, and it is an undoubted fact that Captain Leslie was so affected with the tenderness of our troops towards those who were yet capable of assistance that he gave signs from the fort of his thankfulness for it." [Pennsylvania Evening Post, Jan. 6th, 1776].

The first mention found of a British prison ship was published on the 11th day of April, 1776: "Captain Hammond Ordered Captain Forrester, his prisoner, who was on board the Roebuck, up to the prison ship at Norfolk in a pilot boat." [New York Packet] Night Watchman Announced the Capture of Cornwallis How to Revolutionary War Affected those at Home This is the time for War! Patrick Henry, the Eloquent Patriot 1776. The Battle of Fort Washington Our Precious Freedom Won by our Ancestors Revolutionary War Pensions Provide Interesting Family Stories The Battle of Long Island Flats The Suffering of Prisoners Imposed by the British 1781 Map of Seige of Yorktown Revolutionary War Pensions on this website

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Norfolk County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Deeds, Marriages, Indexes to Probate Records

Norfolk VirginiaIf you have Virginia ancestors, Norfolk is one of the first counties to research. The earliest records survived, thus providing a scope of genealogical discoveries. Norfolk County was created in 1691 and existed as a county until 1963 when it was consolidated with the city of South Norfolk to form the new City of Chesapeake. After the American Civil War, for a period of about 100 years, portions of Norfolk County were lost and the territory of the county reduced as they became parts of the separate and growing independent cities of Norfolk, Portsmouth and South Norfolk. Many of the earliest records did not survive, but Bks have been published on Lower Norfolk County.

Suggested Books: Lower Norfolk County, Virginia Court Records: Bk A, 1637-1646 and Bk B, 1646-1651/2; Historical Southern Families by Boddie; Transcription of Lower Norfolk County, Virginia Records. Volume One: Wills & Deeds, Bk D, 1656-1666 by Brayton.

Historical Tidbits: During 1666, Walter Bruce of Nansemond County who had married the widow of Thomas Sayer, one of the most prominent citizens of Lower Norfolk, increased his stepchildren's estates by presenting them with a considerable number of cattle. His wife sold four of these during his absence from Virginia to meet the expense of sending her daughter to school. By the terms of the will of John Russell, his daughter was to continue to be educated until she should marry.

Sources: Lower Norfolk Records, vol. 1656-66, p. 438.

Norfolk County Wills, Estates, Marriages available to members of Virginia Pioneers

Miscellaneous Probate Records

1674 Court Orders, Bk E, pp. 124
1675 Court Orders, Bk E, pp. 124-126
Bouring, John (1672 LWT) Order Bk E, pp. 124
Connor, Lewis and Henry Jenkins and Elizabeth Lawson, 1709, Deed Bk 8, pp. 154-156
Corbett, John and Sarah. Transaction dated 1669, Order Bk E, pp. 123A
Johnson, Benjamin and Osborn Johnson (Land Transaction), Order Bk E, pp. 124
Mackie, Josias, LWT (transcription)
Shore, Dishard married Relict of Thomas Watkings (transaction dated 1/1669, Order Bk E, pp. 124
Smith, Humphrey. Transaction dated 1669, Order Bk E, pp. 123
Thoroughgood, Margery (Deposition dated 1669, Order Bk E, pp. 123
Wickliff, Mary. Deposition dated 1669, Order Bk E, pp. 123
Willoughby, Thomas (1671 Inventory) Order Bk E, pp. 125-6
Wood, John. Transaction dated 1/1669, Order Bk E, pp. 124

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Images of Norfolk County Wills 1651 to 1656
Testators: Chessey, Thomas | Cossan, Thomas | Fowler, Robert | Gilham, Thomas | Godby, Thomas | Goodwell, Edward | Gouldinge, John | Henrys, Robert | Moseley, William | Nordham, Thomas | Powes, Robert | Riglesworth, Peter | Sherwood, Samuel | Sibsey, John | Starling, James | Ward, Thomas | Wilkinson, Arnall | Woodhouse, Henry | Workman, Thomas | Wright, Thomas
Images of Norfolk County Wills 1735 to 1753
Testators: Ashley, Edmund | Ashley, John |Ashley, William | Avis, William | Bailus, John | Ballance, Richard | Balland, William | Ballentine, David | Berford, Lawrence | Bevan, John | Boulby, Samuel | Boullen, Aaron | Burgess, Mary | Burtin, William | Butt, Benjamin | Butt, Lemuel Sr. | Butt, Nathaniel | Butt, William | Carr, Edward | Cato, Mary | Cocke, Argent | Collack, Alexander | Colley, Guerard | Colley, John | Conner, John | Conner, Lewis | Cooper, Joseph | Creekmur, Benjamin | Curling, Anthony | Dale, Richard | Denby, William | Drury, John | Edingo, Dolene | Ellegood, John | Etheridge, Jeremiah | Etheridge, Thomas | Etheridge, Thomas (2) | Ferebee, James | Godfrey, Arthur | Grant, William | Griffin, Constance | Grimes, James | Gristock, Mary | Hall, Durham | Hancock, Simon | Hansley, Edward | Harris, John | Haywood, Philemon | Hobgood, Thomas Sr.| Hodges, Richard | Holfred, Henry | Hollowell, John | Ivy, John | Jackson, Richard | Jayes, John | Joleff, John | Joy, James | Keaton, Patrick | Langley, Kessia | Langley, Nathaniel | Langley, Thomas | Levincy, Samuel | Lewelling, Abel | Lewelling, Edward | Lewelling, William | Ludgall, John | MacCoy, Richard | Mallone, Margaret | Martin, Thomas | Martin, Thomas (2)| Maund, William | McCoy, John | McIntyre, Dugald | Mercier, John | Miller, Elizabeth | Miller, Moses | Miller, William | Moray, John | Moseley, William | Mouat, Walter | Nasby, Solomon | Nasby, Solomon (2) | Nash, William | Niles, Samuel | Portlock, Nathaniel | Preweatt, Thomas | Randolph, Giles | Rogers, Samuel | Scott, John | Shepherd, John Sr. | Sherry, William | Sikes, Thomas | Smith, Samuel | Sparrow, Richard | Stewart, John | Stewart,Joseph | Talbot, Keader | Tatem, Nathaniel | Taylor, Peter | Tucker, John | Wallis, William | Warden, James | Warden, John | Ware, Elizabeth | Warren, John Sr. | Wheddon, John Sr. | Wilkins, Lemuel | Williams, Robert Sr. | Williamson, Thomas | Willoughby, Sarah | Willoughby, Thomas | Wilson, William | Wilson, William Jr. | Wishart, William | Wyatt, Amy
Images of Norfolk County Wills 1742 to 1749
Testators: Barney, Ann | Barrington, William | Bates, Beaty | Bledindin, William | Britt, Eleanor | Britt, Thomas | Butt, Richard | Calvert, Cornelius | Church, Richard | Creadle, William | Creekmur, Solomon | Creekmur, Willis | Culpeper, Robert Sr.| Davis, Richard | Davis, Edward | Etheridge, Edward | Godfrey, Jonathan | Gristock, Henry | Giles, James | Hayes, John | Holton, Francis | Hughlett, John | Iver, Timothy | Langley, Nathan | Lockhart, John | Low, Sarah | Maning, Joseph | Marine, William | Martall, James Jordan | Merry, Prittyman | Mier, Richard | Odean, William | Peaton, Timothy | Plunkett, Garratt | Portluck, John | Portluck, Paul |Raven, William | Roberts, Joseph | Salter, Christopher | Sicker, James | Simmons, James | Stanbury, John | Tappan, William | Taylor, John | Taylor, Thomas | Thompson, Benedict | Ward, Thomas | Wilkins, William
Images of Norfolk County Wills 1747 to 1759
Testators: Austin, Richard | Avery, James | Ball, Benjamin | Ballentine, Paul | Ballince, Moses | Bayley, Ann | Bayne, Alexander | Benthall, Elizabeth | Beverly, William | Breedle, Mary | Browne, Margerit | Bruce, Abraham | Bruce, Jonas | Carney, Philip | Carney, Thomas | Cawson, Christopher | Cherry, John | Colley, John | Conner, Craford | Cottel, Elizabeth | Crickmore, William | Denby, Charles | Dyes, Robert | Eastwood, James | Etheridge, James | Gardner, Christopher | Gibson, John | Godfrey, Daniel | Godfrey, Thomas | Grant, Edward | Grimes, William | Happer, William | Hobgood, Thomas | Hodges, William | Huslitt, John | Jarvis, Thomas | Johnson, Joseph | Langley, Lydia | Langley, William | Lewelling, Thomas | Lilburn, Alexander | Lines, Mary | Manning, John | McKenzie, John | McNeill, Duncan | Miers, Elizabeth | Meirs, James | Miller, Peleg | Millison, James | Montier, James | Moon, John | Mosley, Arthur | Moseley, Christopher | Murrey, John | Nash, Sarah | Newhook, Dinah | Owens, Thomas | Portlock, William | Portlock, William (2) | Powell, William | Randolph, Solomon | Richson, Moses | Sikes, John | Smith, James C. | Snale, Thomas | Stroud, Matthew | Talbott, John | Taylor, Richard | Thompson, Cyprian | Tucker, Marmaduke | Warren, James | Willoughby, Ann | Wilson, Solomon | Wilson, Thomas | Wright, Kelly
Images of Wills 1755 to 1772
Testators: Archer, Edward; Arnott, James; Ballentine, John; Barlow, Henry; Bartee, Samuel; Benthall, Elizabeth; Berry, George; Bickardick, Richard; Bonfield, Benjamin; Broadhurst, Mary; Brodie, Martha; Brown, John; Bruce, Abraham; Bruce, Alexander; Bruce, Lemuel; Bull, Robert; Butler, Charles; Butt, James; Butt, Thomas; Butt, William; Butts, Solomon Sr.; Butts, Thomas; Calvert, Sanders; Cann, John; Carney, John; Carter, Joseph; Carter, Mary; Church, Joseph; Cleeves, James; Colley, John: Colley, Sanders ; Conally, Matthew; Condall, Frances; Conner, Craford; Consoloo, Charles; Cornock, Margaret; Coultess, John; Creekmur, Joab; Creekmur, Joshua; Creekmur, Mary; Creekmur, Solomon; Crindle, Mary; Dale, Daniel; Dale, Peter; Dale, William; Dale, William (2); Dale, Winfield; Denby, Matthias; Dickson, James; Easther, James; Ellegood, Jacob; Ellegood, John; Ellis, Ann; Etheridge, Elizabeth ; Etheridge, Margaret; Ferebee, John; Fife, Nathan; Foreman, Alexander ;Gardner, Christopher; Godfrey, Dinah; Godfrey, Matthew ;Gooding, William; Gray, William; Grimes, Thomas; Grover, Joseph; Guy, Benjamin; Guy, John; Halstead, Drew ; Happer, Sarah; Henderson, James; Herbert, Nathaniel ; Hewlet, John; Hodges, Joseph; Hodges, Richard; Hodges, Robert; Hodges, William; Hodges, William (2) ; Holstead, Simon ; Hutchings, John; Ince, John Jr. ; Ingham, John; Ives, Robert; Ives, Sarah; Ivy, William; Jameson, Henry; Jameson, John: Jarvis, Thomas; Johnson (alias Weston), John; Johnson, Joseph; Kelly, Daniel; Kelsick, Richard; Kingston, Paul; Lambeth, David; Langley, Willis;Lemount, Hardiss ;Leverage, William; Lewelling, Alice ;Lilburn, Olive ;Linus, Martha; Livingston, Sarah; Mackie, Robert; Manning, William; Martin, John; Mathews, John; Matthias, Elenor; MeCoy, Samuel; McCloud, Daniel; Mercer, John ;Miller, Henry; Miller, Matthias; Moore, William; Morris, Thomas; Mound, Lott ;Nash, William; Newton, George;Nicholason, John ;Nicholson, Joshua; Nosay, Thomas; Owens, John; Owings, John; Petsworth, William; Peyton, John; Portlock, Charles; Portlock, Edward; Portlock, Elizabeth ;Powell, John; Power, Sampson; Poyner, Jonathan;Prescott, William; Ramsey, George;Roberts, Samuel Sr.; Rogers, Phillis;Ross, John; Rothery, Henry; Sackhart, Joseph; Savells, Solomon; Scott, Alexander ;Scott, Richard; Shipwash, John; Sikes, William; Simmons, Jean ;Simmons, John; Simpson, Jonathan; Singleton, Anthony; Smith, Butler; Smith, John; Smith, Josiah; Smith, Peter;Southerland, Ann; Stafford, William; Stanner, John; Stole, Barbara; Streep, John; Stroud, Mary; Suggs, Joseph; Sweny, Ann; Tabb, William; Talbot, John; Tatem, Nathaniel ;Thelaball, James; Taylor, Thomas; Taylor, William; Thompson, Thomas; Thruston, Edward ;Tucker, John; Tucker, Robert; Wakefield, William; Wallace, Richard; Wallace, William; Wallis, Ann;Wallis, John; Wallis, Solomon ;Walsh, Richard; Warren, Christian; Warren, Peter; Waterworth, Joseph; Watkins, John; Webb, Robert; Westcoat, Susanna; Westcott, Wright; White, Archibald;Whitehurst, Richard; Wilkins, James; Wilkins, John; Williams, Edward ; Williams, John ; Williams, John Sr. ; Williams, Willis; Williamson, John ; Williamson, Joshua ; Williamson, Roger; Willoughby, Lemuel ; Wilson, Dinah; Wilson, James; Wilson, James Sr. ; Wilson, Thomas; Wilson, Willis Sr.; Wishart, Thomas; Wooden, William; Wright, John; Wright, John ; Wright, Thomas
Images of Wills 1760 to 1762
Testators: Barlow, Henry Jr. | Bridges, Amey | Brown, Patrick | Bruce, Thomas | Buntin, James | Burgess, Robert | Busch, Maximillion | Butt, James | Calvert, Mary Sr. | Carney, Barnaby | Chamberlaine, George | Cherry, Hilley | Cherry, Spring | Christian, Edward | Colintine, John | Connelly, Matthew | Creekmore, Joseph | Dison, Perry | Donahon, Mary | Ellegood, John | Etheredge, Amos | Etheredge, Bethiah | Etheredge, Margrett | Freeman, Thomas | Gasking, Samuel | Godfrey, Elizabeth | Godfrey, Nathaniel | Granberry, James | Hare, Thomas | Herbert, Markom | Hodges, Joseph Jr. | Hodges, Sarah | Hodges, William | Hollowell, Holstead | Ingham, John | Jameson, John | Joloff, Martha | Kelsick, Richard | Langley, Mary | Lewelling, Richard | Lindsay, Jean Boyd | MacCoy, Cader | Manning, Solomon | Matthias, Eleanor | Phino, John | Portlock, Charles | Porter, William | Potsworth, William | Rethery, Daniel | Rogers, Philis | Shepard, Samuel | Shore, Robert | Silvester, Richard William | Simmons, John | Smith, Josiah | Smith, Peter | Stafford, William | Sutton, Ashbury | Sweny, Daniel | Tatem, Trimagsin | Tucker, John | Tucker, Mary | Wallis, Aim or Jim | Watkins, John | Webb, Robert | White, Mary | White, Patrick | Wilkins, Robert | Williams, John Sr. | Wilson, James | Wishold, Wright | Woodhouse, Richard | Wormington, William Sr. | Wright, John | Wright, Thomas
Images of Wills 1772 to 1788
Testators: Abyvon, George | Archer, Dinah |Aves, William |Bachelor, John | Bacon, Richard | Bailey, William |Ballance, Ephraim | Bartee, John | Bartee, Robert | Bartee, William |Bayley, William |Bayley, William | Bayne, Elizabeth | Blake, Richard | Blews, Samuel |Boush, Arthur | Boush, Goodrich | Bowers, Robert | Bracegirdle, Frederick | Bramble, Willis | Brasser, Henryl | Bressie, Samuel |Britton, Bennett | Brown, Henryl |Brown, Jonas | Brown, Thomas | Bruce, Abraham | Bruce, James | Bull, Jonah | Bunting, William |Burgess, Nathaniel | Bustin, Benjamin | Butt, Anthony | Butt, Caleb | Butt, Ede | Butt, Edward | Butts, Mary | Butt, Samuel | Butts, Thomas | Butt, William |Calvert, Maximillian | Calvert, Samuel | Carlston, George | Carnaby, Barnaby | Carnaby, Philip | Carney, Richard | Carney, William | Carter, Robert | Cawson, Margaret | Claiborne, Thomas | Collins, Timothy | Conaway, James | Conner, Charles Jr. | Coverley, Samuel | Creech, Thomas | Creekmur, Abel | Creekmur, Edmund | Creekmur, Foreman | Creekmur, Frances | Creekmur, Mary | Culpeper, Daniel | Culpeper, Robert | Davis, Richard | Davis, Samuel | Deans, Solomon | Denby, Nathaniel | Dunn, John | Easter, Thomas | Eastwood, Francis | Eastwood, Richard | Edward, John | Ellis, John | Ellis, William | Etheridge, Luke | Fentriss, John | Fisher, Eldred | Foreman, Jeremiah | Forrester, Alace | Fortt, Thomas | Freedly, Michael | Fritts, Christian | Gilchrist, John | Gilchrist, Robert | Godfrey, John | Godfrey, Keziah | Goldsby, William | Goodrich, Edward | Grant, John Sr. | Grimes, James | Hall, Thomas | Harper, David | Henetter, Paul | Herbert, Christopher| Herbert, Henry Sr.|Herbert, Josiah | Herbert, Thomas | Hewlit, Francis |Hodges, Benjamin |Hodges, Benjamin (2)|Hodges, Ferebee | Hodges, Hillary |Holt, James | Hudson, Ann |Hughes, Edward |Hurt, John |Hutchings, Zachariah | Ingram, Content | Ives, John | Ivy, Elizabeth | Jackson, Joel | Jameson, James | Jolliff, James | Jolliff, John | Jolliff, Richard | Jordan, Francis | Joyce, Martain | Kelley, Matthew | Kerr, Robert | Kilsick, Richard | King, Robert | Lachlan, John | Lane, Augustus | Lane, Robert | Langley, James | Langley, Joseph | Langley, Samuel | Lee, John | Lewelling, Benjamin | Lewelling, John | Lisborn, Catherine | Livingston, John | Lowrey, Jacob | Lugh, Francis | Lush, Andrew | Lush, Daniel | Mackey, Patrick | Manning, Elisha | Manning, Elizabeth | Manning, John | Mathias, Johnathan | McMickin, Hugh | McPherson, Andrew | McPherson, William | MeCloud, John | McCoy, Richard | Miller, Mason | Miller, Moses | Miller, William | Moore, Thomas | Moseley, Bassett | Mosely, William | Murden, Jeremiah Sr.| Murden, John | Nichols, Henryl | Nicholson, James | Northcutt, Amos | Nosay, Daniel | Parsons, Willis | Philpot, Lettison | Phripp, John | Poole, Nicholas | Portlock, John | Portlock, Martha | Powell, John | Powell, Joshua | Powell, Lemuel | Powell, Richard | Powell, Richard (2)| Power, Elizabeth | Pugh, Edward | Purcell, David | Robinson, Robert | Rose, Peter | Scott, John | Scott, Sarah | Shewcraft, Simon | Schuster, Richard | Shields, Matthew | Shore, John | Sikes, Jesse | Simmons, John | Smallwood, Charles | Smarr, Andrew | Smith, Charles | Smith, Sarah | Smith, William | Steed, Robert | Southerland, John | Sparrow, James | Talbot, Isaac | Talbot, Thomas | Talbot, William | Tart, Mary | Tart, Thomas | Tart, William | Taylor, Ann | Taylor, James | Taylor, John | Taylor, Margaret | Thelaball, James | Thelaball, Elizabeth | Thelaball, William | Thomas, Charles | Thompson, Isaac Truss, Gideon | Tucker, Robert | Tucker, William | Veale, George | Veals, George | Viatt, John | Wallace, David | Waller, Hardess | Ward, Thomas | White, Gideon | White, Keziah | Wiatt, Shadrick | Wilkins, John | Wilkins, Joshua | Wilkins, William | Williams, Thomas | Williamson, John | Williamson, Robert | Willoughby, John Sr. | Willoughby, Martha | Willoughby, T.| Wilson, John | Wingate, John | Wishun, Joel | Wonycott, Alphia | Woneycott, Nicholas | Worden, John | Wright, David | Wright, Stephen

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