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Images of Wills and Estates 1754-1764

Adams, Benjamin Adkins, Henry Adkins, John Atkins, Thomas
Alsobrook, Samuel Armstrong, Joseph Atkinson, Henry Avents, John
Avent, Thomas Babbit, Thomas Bagley, Peter Bair, William
Banke, James Barker, Henry Bell, Balaam Bellemy, Elizabeth
Bellemy, Robert Bethemey, Elizabeth Bennington, Robert Blow, Richard
Booth, George Bridge, Judith Broadrib, James Broadrib, Thomas
Bullock, Jeremiah Bullock, Robert Burrow, Thomas Burrow, William
Carter, Richard Chappell, Elizabeth Clary, Thomas Clifton, William
Cook, Reuben Cornwell, Samuel Cragg, William Crellow, Jeptha
Daney, William Dobie, Robert Driggs, William Eckles, Edward
Eldridge, Thomas Ellis, Benjamin Evans, Sarah Ezell, Timothy
Farrington, Robert Felts, Richard Freeman, Agnes Freeman, Henry
Freeman, Joel Freeman, Nathan Gee, James Gilliam, Jordan
Griffin, Edward Hancock, Anthony Hancock, Clement Hancock, John
Harper, Benjamin Harper, William Harper, Wyatt Harwick, John
Hawth, Peter Hawthorne, Rachel Hayes, William/a> Hayne, Wyatt
Heath, Adam Hill, Matthew Hines, William Sr. Hobbs, Thomas
Hoe, Cannon Howell, William Hulin, Coles Hulings, Israel
Hulme, Ann Hunt, John Hunt, Thomas Irby, John
Jenkins, John Johnson, Stephen Johnson, Moses Johnson, Thomas
Jones, David Jones, Edmund Jones, Nicholas Judkins, Robert
King, John Jr. King, Richard King, William Knight, Daniel
Knight, John Knight, William Lessenberry, John Malone, Nathaniel
Mason, Isaac Mason, John Meacham, Henry Metcalf, Warner
Metcalf, Warner, etc Mitchell, Henry Mitchell, Thomas Moore, Elizabeth
Morgan, Priscilla Moss, Benjamin Moss, John Moss, William
Mumford, Thomas Musson, Richard Nicolson, John Nicolson, Robert
Nicholson, John Oliver, Thomas Owen, William Paine, William
Panridge, Nicholas Parham, Ephraim Parham, John Parham, William
Parker, Sarah Pepper, Richard Peters, Thomas Randolph, Mary
Rawlings, Gregory Rawlings, Hannah Rea, William Reeks, John
Rochell, John Roland, John Roland, Joseph Rose, Richard
Sanders, William Shands, John Shands Nazareth Shands, William
Shanks, William Sister, Andrew Smith, Samuel Stafford, Thomas
Sturdivant, Isham Tatum, Samuel Threewitts, Ann Tomlinson, Benjamin
Tomlinson, John Tomlinson, William Tyus, John Underwood, Beedles
Wallace, James Watkins, William Weathers, William Welden, Benjamin
Wilborn, John Wilkerson, John Wingfield, James Wingfield, Jervis
Wyche, George Wyche, James Wynne, Robert Wynne, Sloman
Zell, Elizabeth Zills, Lambert

Images of Wills and Estates 1761-1771

Adkins, Thomas Andrews, John Andrews, William Sr. Atkinson, Thomas
Avent, William Avery, John Bagley, George Banks, Burwell
Barker, John Barker, Joseph Barlow, William Bell, Hannah
Bennett, William Beddingfield, Nathaniel Bennington, Thomas Betts, Thomas
Biggins, William Bonner, Mary Booth, George Bradley, William
Briggs, Howell Briggs, William Brittle, William Bullock, Amy
Burham, Edward Burrow, William Cain, James Capell, Thomas
Carter, Richard Cartridge, Wells Chappell, James Clary, Bird
Clary, Thomas Cook, Joseph Cook, Reuben Cook, William
Cooke, Elizabeth Cornett, George Cornett, Martha Dancy, William
Dashly, Thomas Davis, Thomas Death, John Death, Mary
Denton, Joseph Dickins, Thomas Drew, William Sr. Dunn, Thomas
Eatkins, Wilmotte Edmunds, John Eldridge, William Ellis, Benjamin
Ezell, Timothy Fanning, Bryant Felts, Nathaniel Felts, Thomas
Gee, Charles Gibbons, John Gilliam, Charles Gilliam, Drury
Gilliam, Hinsha Gilliam, Martha Gilliam, William Hancock, Anthony
Hancock, Clement Hancock, Sarah Hancock, William Harper, Edward
Hawthorn, Jeptha Hawthorn, Joshua Hay, John Hays, Judith
Heeth, William Hewitt, William Hill, Amy Hill, John
Hill, Lucy Hill, Michael Hill, Richard Howell, William
Hunt, Benjamin Irby, John Ivie, Henry Jackson, John
Jarrad, John Jenkins, John Johnson, Moses Jones, James
Jones, Richard King, Andrew King, John King, John Jr.
Knight, William Lashley, John Leath, Charles Mabry, Charles
Maclimore, John Massenburg, Nicholas MeGee, Ralph McMichael, William
Mitchell, Henry Mitchell, John Mitchell, Nathaniel Moore, Eppes
Moore, Sarah Moore, Thomas Moore, William Norvell, William
Owen, Robert Parham, Mathew Parham, Matthew Parham, Robert
Parker, William Paynter, John Pennington, John Pennington, Joseph
Pennington, Joshua Pennington, Moses Pennington, Robert Pennington, Thomas
Porch, Henry Pretlow, Joshua Price, Ann Rainey, William
Rawlings, Gregory Rawlings, John Jr. Ray, John Rieves, Francis
Roberts, Willett Robinson, George Rogers, William Roland, Joseph
Rose, Richard Rosser, Thomas Rottenberry, L. Rottenberry, Susannah
Sammons, James Sammons, John Sanders, Sarah Sanders, Sarah, contd
Sharp, Hardy Sledge, Charles Smith, James Smith, John
Smith, Mary Smith, Thomas Southworth, John Stohns, Samuel
Stokes, John Stokes, Samuel Stokes, Silvanus Sturdivant, Abner
Sturdivant, Henry Tatum, Christopher Tatum, John Tatum, Samuel
Threewitts, Francis Tomlinson, Burrell Tomlinson, John Tuder, Henry
Tyus, Absalom Tyus, John Tyus, Sylvia Tyus, Thomas
Wade, Thomas Ward, William Weaver, Edmund Whitehead, Matthew
Whitfield, Mathew Wilbourn, John Jr. Wilburn, Mary Wilkerson, Elizabeth
Williams, James Winfield, William Wyche, Benjamin Wynne, Thomas
Young, Thomas

Images of Wills and Estates 1771-1785

Adkinson, Thomas Anderson, James Anderson, Robert Avery, Richard
Barr, Gabriel Barker, Charles Barker, James Barker, Jehu
Barker, Joseph Battle, Charles Battle, Hamlin Baylis, Humphrey
Bell, James Blanks, David Blizard, Charles Blunt, Jane
Blunt, Richard Bonner, Mary Bradley, Henry Briggs, Howell
Briggs, Lucy Broadnan, William Brown, William Burrow, William
Cargill, John Carter, Elizabeth Carpenter, John Pennington Caton, Elizabeth
Chappell, James Clark, John Clary, James Cocke, John
Colson, William Cook, James Cook, William Cotton, Thomas
David, John Davis, Joan Davis, Thomas Duncan, Nathaniel
Dunn, Thomas Edmunds, John Eskridge, Thomas Ezell, Isham
Felts, Nathaniel Felts, Thomas Fort, Holliday Freeman, Henry
Freeman, Josiah Freeman, Phebe Garland, Martha Gilliam, Amy
Gilliam, John Gilliam, Mary Gilman, Warrick Hamlin, Stephen
Hancock, Benjamin Hancock, William Hardee, John Harrison, Henry
Harrison, John Harwood, Phillip Heeth, John Heeth, William
Hern, James Hill, Benjamin Hill, Michal Hill, Richard
Hill, William Hines, Thomas Hood, John Hubbard, Matthew
Hunt, John Hunt, William Jackson, John Jackson, Robert
James, Abner Judkins, Charles Johnson, Thomas Jones, Howell
Jones, James Jones, Joseph Jones, Matthew Jones, Richard
Jones, Robert Jones, Robert, contd Jones, Rowell Keron, James
Lane, Joseph Loftin, William Mabry, Charles Malcom, William
Mann, James Marable, Henry Hartwell Manry, Henry Meacham, Joshua
Mill, Richard Miller, William Mitchell, Henry Mitchel, William
Moore, Anne Moore, Epps Moore, Martha Moss, James
Moss, John Moss, Mary Moss, Seth Nicolson, John
Nicolson, Mary Northington, Mathew Northington, Starlington Parham, Thomas
wmparham.pdf">Parham, William wmparker.pdf">Parker, William robertparssom.pdf">Parssom, Robert nicholaspartridge.pdf">Partridge, Nicholas
thomaspate.pdf">Pate, Thomas johnpennington.pdf">Pennington, John thomaspennington.pdf">Pennington, Thomas thomaspeters.pdf">Peters, Thomas
edwardpettway.pdf">Pettway, Edward robertpittway.pdf">Pettway, Robert wmpettway.pdf">Pettway, William henryporch.pdf">Porch, Henry
jamesporchsr.pdf">Porch, James Sr. hpride.pdf">Price, H. malcottpye.pdf">Pye, Malcott georgerandall.pdf">Randall, George
gregoryrawlins.pdf">Rawlins, Gregory arthurrichardson.pdf">Richardson, Arthur johnrichardson.pdf">Richardson, John chrisrives.pdf">Rives, Christopher
johnrivers.pdf">Rives, John wmrives.pdf">Rives, William wilcoxrobart.pdf">Robart, Wilcox faithyroberts.pdf">Roberts, Faithy
Rogers, Benjamin Rogers, William Shands, William Shearman, Thomas
Sturdivant, John Anderson Thompson, John Todd, Samuel Tucker, Joel
Tucker, Robert Tyler, Henry Underwood, Robert Wade, Thomas
Wallis, Thomas Weathers, Lydia Weaver, Edward Wilbourn, Ann
Wilbourn, Joel Wilbourn, Mary Wingfield, Abraham Wingfield, William
Wrenn, Nathan Wyche, John Wyche, Nathaniel Wynne, Thomas
Young, Katherine Young, Thomas Zells, John


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Names of Families in Sussex County Virginia Genealogy Records: Wills, Estates, Inventories, Guardianships

Virginia Map

Sussex County was named for the English county by the same name, and was formed from Surry County in 1753. The early records are in fairly good shape, with some blurring and fading.

Images of Guardian Accounts and Estate Inventories

  • 1754 to 1787
  • 1782 to 1789
  • 1789 to 1824
  • 1824 to 1831

Images of Wills and Inventories

  • 1790 to 1796
  • 1796 to 1806
  • 1806 to 1812

Worn out Virginia Land Pushed Settlers Westward

settlers moving West The way in which the testator bequeathed lands usually determined the eldest son to the youngest. Old English Law dictated that the eldest son was the heir of all the titles and estates. The traditioned continued on the American soil, but this time bequeathing the eldest son the homeplace and best lands. This is noticeable by the amount of acreage given. It is reasonable to assume that the person who received the least amount, was the youngest son. This thought is helpful when trying to ascertain why some of the sons moved on, so to speak. The name of the game was rich soil upon which to establish fertile crops. During the early 1700s in Virginia people were moving away from the family estates, and the reason is that they were receiving land grants to go West and settle untamed mountainous regions. Thus, the genealogist should do some historical research into that era, particularly military records, to learn what was happening concerning Indian relations and wars. Should you be researching during an early time and locate the wills and estates of all the children except one or two, then the next question should be "where were they?" This thought also applies to marriage records. If they did not marry in the home county, then where were did they go? Naturally, it is important to read all of the old wills and estates of everyone in the family (in that county) because the answer might be found in one of those documents. In other words, one should become as familiar with the ancestral families as he is his own in modern times.