Virginia Pioneers

Ancient Castles and Manor Houses in Great Britain

Many Virginians trace their genealogies back to noblemen, kings and aristocrats in the Old World. Virginia has the origins of many old Virginia families and the genealogies and sketches are available to members of this website. Here are a few names:

St. Margarets

Holande, de Holand, Holland.

The entire genealogy has been traced by Jeannette Holland Austin, from 1000 A. D. to 1988. The Anglican church of St Margaret's is the parish church of the British Houses of Parliament, nestled in the grounds of Westminster Abbey. It was founded during the 12th century as the (Catholic) parish church, but was rebuilt from 1486 to 1523. John Holland was christened here ca 1519 and Holland names are in the parish register.

Bacon of England

Bury St. Edmunds
Bury St. Edmunds Cathedral, Suffolk, England where Thomas Bacon was christened in 1620. The Bacon family had an illustrious history in England which continued with those aristocrats who came to Virginia. Everyone is familiar with Nathaniel Bacon of Virginia on incited a rebellion called Bacons Rebellion against Governor Berkeley during the 17th century. His manor house still stands, and is available to tourists. The genealogy was thoroughly traced by Jeannette Holland Austin and commences with Sir James Holland Friston Hall in the 1500s. Other genealogies available :
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