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When you find the Last Will and Testament, you have the mother-lode of genealogy as that is the source for the names of children, parents, grandparents and other relatives, whether in America or abroad. Do we have your Virginia ancestor? Free Lookup ! Click here and send the ancestor name, state and county of residence.

Mountains of Virginia Mountains of Virginia Among our collections, over 300 family histories are traced with a goodly number to about the year 1300. Where appropriate, Sensational Historical videos are included, such as the one above of Thomas Jefferson. Become a member and see the past of your ancestors!

Members also have access to 26-volumes of Encyclopedia of the American Pioneer Series by Jeannette Holland Austin is included in the membership. Here is a sample
Hall, John, Bible of William and Anny Hall, Ga. State Archives. Their children: John Hall b. 8/16/1757., Sarah b. 5/24/1754, Betty b. 5/3/1757. Mary b. 2/6/1758, Ann b. 9/3/1760, Judy b. 3/11/1764, Patty b. 12/5/1764, William b. 10/15/1765, Jane b. 10/7/1768, Joseph b. 2/11/1772, Ambrose b. 2/4/1774, Nicholas b. 6/6/1777.

Thomas Jefferson

Information about the Virginia Colonists

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