King and Queen

King and Queen County, Virginia Genealogy Wills, Estates and Probate Records

King and Queen County, Virginia was established in the year of 1691 from New Kent County. It was named after King William III and Queen Mary II of England. The early court house records did not begin until 1831. Will Books A, B, Ba and Bc appear to interlap.

How Genealogy Collections not Available to the Public Develop and Where to Find Them

There are all sorts of genealigical collections out there. For this reason, it is impossible for a single web site to contain everything. Since the early 1900s, Americans have readily collected family data and later had it microfilmed and placed in libraries and archives. They did it to prevent the valuable family history being lost. Although libraries and archives are digitizing data, it is often but a shell of their collection and they would require a substantial budget to do a thorough job. It is more of an invitation, “come in and see what we have.” In other words, one needs to visit that institution in order to view actual documents or databases. In addition, there are persons (like myself) who have collected and maintained a wide stream of information. Sometimes this data gets added to a website, however, for the most part, is unavailable to the public. In my instance, I had some of it published dating back to the 1960s (, but mostly my full collection remained in private files. Eventually, all of my files were put online¬†Georgia Pioneers comprising data in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia¬†–It comprises about 700M records! To my knowledge, to date I have not seen this much genealogy posted online by an individual! And since I love genealogy and continue to collect documents and rare data, there is more to come! It would be ideal if all such collections were readily available, but we are not there yet!

Indexes to Probate Records
  • Wills and Estates 1831 to 1881
  • Wills 1831 to 1926
  • Wills 1864 to 1893
  • Wills 1894 to 1913
  • Wills 1926 to 1945
Church Records
  • Vestry Book of Stratton Parish Register, 1729-1783

Hill, Humphrey, LWT, transcript

Images of Wills and Estates 1831 to 1881

Testators: Atkins, Margaret | Bagby, Mary Ann | Bates, Patty | Bates, Patty, estate | Bird, Catherine | Broach, Andrew | Brown, Lucy | Carlton, John (orphans) | Cauthan, Ludy | Chundley, William | Chundley, William, estate | Clarke, Joseph | Collin, Joseph Collin, Joseph, estate | Davis, Lucinda T. | Dillard, Lydia | Eastwood, William T. | Falconer, Thomas | Gatewood, Samuel S. | Gresham, Janet | Haynes, William T. | Lovenstein, Solomon | Moore, George | Moore, George, estate | Nyod, Fanny | Shackelford, Martha | Smith, James | Toombs, Peter | Walker, Joanna | Walker, Thomas | Wright, David and Wright, Virginia

  • 1704 Quit Rent Rolls
Traced genealogies and family histories of King and Queen County available to Members !

Digital Images of King and Queen County Wills 1864 to 1893

Testators: Anderson, Beverly | Anderson, Hansford | Anderson, James | Anderson, Mary Ann | Atkins, Nancy | Bagby, John | Bagby, John R. | Bagby, Richard | Banks, Churchill | Barefoot, Charles | Basker, Dorither | Bates, James T. | Bates, Jane F. | Bird, Betty | Bird, Phileman | Bird, W. B. | Bird, William | Blakely, William H. | Bland, Ann R. | Bland, B. F. | Bland, Elizabeth | Bland, Frances A. | Bland, John Jr. Bland, R. | Bland, Ralph | Bostwick, Danforth | Boulware, Wickliff W. | Boyd, R. B. | Boyd, Robert | Bray, Peter | Bray, William | Broach, Chaney V. | Broach, James A. | Broach, William | Brooke, Philip | Brooke, Richard | Brooks, Robert | Brown, Moses | Brown, William | Burch, Roberta | Burtin, Carter | Burton, Elizabeth | Burton, John | Burton, Martha | Burton, Robert B. | Bush, Hannah | Carlton, C. H. | Carlton, Cornelius Percy | Carlton, Levi | Carlton, Walter R. | Carneal, Elizabeth | Casey, Thomas M. | Cauthern, H. H. | Clarke, Joel B. | Clegg, Thomas | Coleman, George | Collins, J. | Collins, Robert | Cook, Fountain W. | Cook, John | Cook, Maria | Cook, Polly W. | Cooke, William | Cox, William W. | rittenden, James | Crittenden, Samuel | Crump, Margaret | Curd, Edward S. | Dabney, Jacob | Davis, Elizabeth | Davis, McKenzie | Davis, William B. | Dedlake, Catherine | Dedlake, Henry P. vs. Catherine Dedlake et al | Dew, B. F. | Dillard, Nicholas | Dishaza, Sarah | Dunn, Margaret | Evans, Alexander | Ferguson, John R. | Fleet, Alexander Sr. | Fleet, Benjamin | Fleet, James R. Sr. | Fogg, William | Gains, Matilda | Garrett, Elizabeth W. | Garrett, Ferdinand | Garrett, John M. | Gatewood, Carrie | Gatewood, Francis | Gatewood, John | Garrett, Thomas W. | Gilmore, Alexander | Gilmore, John | Gilmore, Richard | Gresham, Isabella | Gresham, Samuel | Gresham, Thomas | Gresham, William D. | Griggs, William B. | Grisham, Richard | Guthrie, Matilda | Hall, Major B. | Hall, Susan | Hamilton, Nancy Ann | Handley, William H. | Harrison, John T. | Hart, James R. | Hart, L. C. | Harwood, A. K. | Haynes, James | Haynes, John Henderson, Robert | Henley, Carrie | Henley, Joseph | Henley, Robert Y. | Henley, Thomas M. | Holmes, Abraham | Holmes, Louis | Holmes, Thomas | Horner, Alexander | Hoskins, Braxton | Hoskins, Jesse | Hundley, Lambrith | Hutchinson, Biley | Hutchinson, Henry | Jackson, John | Jeffries, Thomas H. | Jeffries, Thomas | Johnson, Robert W. | Jones, Susan | Jones, William B. | Kauffman, John | Kay, Richard | Kay, Rosa | Kemp, Cary | Kemp, Christian | Land, R. H. | Langham, Mary | Lewis, Zachry | Lockley, James | Long, Rosa, estate | Loven, Edward | Lumpkin, Richardson | Lyne, Mary W. | McClelland, Benjamin | McFarland, James | Madison, William | Marshall, Catharine | Martin, Elizabeth | Massey, J. B. Y. | Meyers, Nancy | Milby, John | Minor, Agnes | Minor, Coleman | Minor, John H. | Muire, Sarah Ann | Muire, Thacker | Munday, A. W. | Nabb, J. M. | Nunn, George C. | Patterson, George | Pearce, Thomas M. | Pendleton, Catherine | Pendleton, George | Pendleton, Rebecca | Phillips, Sarah | Pillsberry, George | Pitts, Elizabeth | Pointer, Archibald | Pollard, Dorothy E. | Pollard, John | Pollard, Richard | Pollard, Robert Jr. | Pollard Susan F. | Pynes, Sarah | Pynes, William | Radford, John | Ransom, Jinnie | Revere, Lawson | Richardson, Mary | Roane, Charles H. | Robinson, Cyrus | Roy, R. B. | Saunders, Charles | Schools, Elijah | Shackelford, George D. | Skelton, Joseph | Skelton, Joseph M. | Smith, Alfred F. | Smith, James | Smith, James William | Smith, Louisa | Smith, Maria Louisa | Smith, Mortimer | Smithey, Elizabeth | Southworth, Mary | Spencer, Sarah | Street, John W. | Tabb, Charlotte | Taliaferro, Randal | Taylor, Evan | Taylor, Horace | Thurston, John H. | Tignor, Robert T. | Tunstall, Jane | Tunstall, Samuel | Turner, Nancy | Turner, Robert | Tyler, Thomas | Walker, Eliza | Walker, Temple | Walker, Thomas | Walker, Velmy | Walton, Reuben | Watkins, John | Watkins, Patsy | Watts, Mary E. | White, Andrew | White, Hezekiah | White, Oliver | Wilkins, John W. | Williams, Isaac | Williams, John P. | Wright, David | Wright, Rachel | Wright, Susan and Wyatt, Amanda

Coins in Circulation in the Virginia Colony

It is significant to find that among the different kinds of money sterling in circulation in the counties along the Eastern Shore was the lion or dog collar, as it was called from the device on its face. Perhaps this was a Dutch coin obtained during the smuggling of traffic into the colony (despite Navigation Laws). The merchants of of Holland found easy trade with the colonists during the 17th century which undoubtably assisted the early colonists in their survival. A petition in 1696 from the planters of Accomac to their representatives in the House of Burgesses, asked that a legal value be set upon the lion or dog in order that it might be used to advantage in current business transactions. Source: Palmer’s Calendar of Virginia State Papers, vol. I, page 52.