Smyth County Virginia Genealogy Records

Smyth County was formed on February 23, 1832 and was taken from Washington and Wythe Counties. The county was named after General Alexander Smyth of the War of 1812 who was elected to the State Senate, and House of Delegates, and also a repreentative in the United States Congress. The adjoining counties are Russell, Tazewell, Bland, Wythe, Grayson and Washington. The county seat: Marion, Virginia

Tax Digests
  • 1832 to 1863

How Emigrants Settled Western Virginia and Beyond

When we consider researching our ancestors, it is important to do a thorough review of the history of settlements in the American colonies and the associated maps. The reason is, to find the port of embarkation from Ireland, Scotland, England and Germany into the country. If we know across what terrain emigrants moved, then we can ascertain the landing ports. Next, take up a map and trace the historical groups searching for a home. During the seventeenth century the frontier was advanced up the Atlantic river courses just beyond what was known as the “fall line.” As a result, the tidewater region was settled. However, during the first half of the eighteenth century another, traders followed the Delaware and Shawnese Indians into Ohio country. Thus, in 1714, Governor Spotswood of Virginia made an expedition across the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Scotch-Irish and the Palatine Germans moved into the Shenandoah Valley of western Virginia; also settling along the Piedmont region of the Carolinas.