Wythe County Genealogy and Tax Digests

Wythe County was created in 1790 by Montgomery County. It was named for George Wythe, the first Virginia signer of the Declaration of Independence.


Williams, Jenkin, LWT (transcript)
Williams, Joseph, LWT (transcript)

Tax Digests
  • Property Tax Books 1793 to 1807
  • Property Tax Books 1809 to 1834

Commonly Forgotten Genealogy Resources

Pictured: 1940 hats. A lot of records were lost, while other important records are ignored. The actual correspondence of government officials was preserved, beginning with the House of Burgesses. The Virginia Magazine published these accounts and are available online or in public libraries. The correspondence may seem boring, however, it is riveted with names of representatives and other colonials of the era. If one wishes to learn the actual circumstances surrounding a war (for example) then he reads the correspondence between the governors and other state officials. Although the Federal Archives had a good many immigration records, all passenger lists have not been translated and transcribed. Too, you can count the discoveries of sunken vessels under the sea to get an idea of the number of lost Ship Manifests (names and ages of passengers, port of departure, destination).