Bull Run

Bull Run: First Battle of Manassas

Battle of Bull Run, Manassas, Virginia occurred on 21 July 1861. Union General Irvin McDowell attacked Confederates led by Brigadier General P. G. T. Beauregard. On July 21, the main column of McDowell marched northwest and crossed Bull Run at Sudley Ford to attack the Confederate flank and rear. McDowell also planned a series of diversionary attacks against Beauregard at the Warrenton turnpike and at two other fords, Blackburn and Mitchell. The Confederates at the Stone Bridge, commanded by General Nathan G. Evans, learned of McDowell’s flank and turned to face the Federals.This small force, reinforced by troops under Generals Bernard Bee and Francis Barlow made a gallant stand, but were overwhelmed and pushed back by the Union troops commanded by Ambrose Burnside.