Jamestown, Virginia, original village reconstructed

first Colonials to Virginia settled along the James River which served as an easy access to transporting goods. Jamestown was built on Jamestown Island in the Virginia Colony, was founded on May 14, 1607 and is regarded as the first permanent English settlement. It was founded by the London Company (later to become the Virginia Company), headquartered in London. Located in James City County when it was formed in 1634 as one of the original eight shires of Virginia, Jamestown was the capital of the Colony for 83 years. At that time, the capital was relocated to Middle Plantation, about 8 miles (13 km) distant. (That small community, which had also become home to the new College of William and Mary in 1693, was renamed Williamsburg in 1699). One of the first settlers who came in 1624 on a Supply ship was Gabriel Holland. The Holland genealogy is quite extensive and is available to members of Virginia Pioneers